Romantic Bud Vase

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We love the thoughtful simplicity of bud vases to draw attention to singular floral materials, and create continuity throughout a space without requiring huge flourishes everywhere. We hand select beautiful individual specimens from your Romantic palette to create interesting and balanced compositions in 3” tall, modern glass buds. We vary the materials used to create staggered heights, so buds can be styled in groups with depth and interest. We recommend singular or paired bud vases on cocktail tables and other small surfaces where you’d like a simple accent. They can also be grouped together and lined down the middle of long tables, or mixed with candles in the middle of round tables if you’re looking for a more minimal tablescape than our centerpieces provide.

Please refer to our A La Carte Handbook for more tips on using bud vases at your event. No customization requests can be accommodated. Three weeks’ advance notice is required for your order, and your purchase is non-refundable. Your order includes the purchase of the bud vases; if you don’t wish to keep the vases, please refer to the aforementioned handbook for instructions on returning your vases in exchange for a Wylde gift card.

Due to continued supply chain disruptions, the floral industry is experiencing a vase shortage. Substitutions may be made. Thank you for understanding!