Hoop Holiday Wreaths

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Marrying traditional, full evergreen foliage with a slender gold hoop base, this asymmetrical wreath strikes a lovely balance between holiday cheer and contemporary elegance. A burst of fir, pine, cedar, or other aromatic greenery forms the foundation of the design, and details like eucalyptus pods, nandina berries, and pinecones create an interesting contrast.

Each wreath is one-of-a-kind, so you may discover different materials than pictured here. We are happy to cater to different design preferences to honor whichever holiday your family is celebrating, or simply to reflect this season’s botanical beauty. In the design notes section, feel free to make general requests such as: red & green; blue or silvery greens; no reds; seedpods and pinecones please; wintery in feel; lots of natural texture; etc. We always do our best to accommodate these requests!

The finished wreath measures about 22-24” in diameter (designed on a 19” hoop). The hoop is simple to hang atop a nail. Comes with trailing satin ribbon which is intended to be a decorative accent (although you could use the ribbon to hang it if you wish). You can choose your ribbon color on the left. When you’re finished with your wreath, we recommend removing the greenery and saving the gold hoop, which could be used again in limitless DIY decor projects.

Wreaths will be available beginning Thursday, December 3rd, and can be picked up from our East Raleigh studio on Fridays or delivered Tuesday through Friday in a 7-mile radius for a $10 fee. This item cannot be shipped.