Garden Bouquet

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Our new weekly bouquet offering captures the ethereal beauty of the garden, through unique ingredients and artful color palettes that will vary from week to week. You can expect a medium-sized bouquet full of uncommon blooms, fragrant herbs, and vibrant greenery -- all grown by hand through organic and regenerative gardening practices. We hope you’ll keep ordering flowers each week that you are home and craving a little color for your table, so that you can enjoy the nuanced progression of the growing season. We look forward to dozens of lovely varieties to come, including: campanula, snapdragon, foxglove, rudbeckia, zinnia, cosmos, celosia, gomphrena, sunflower, dahlia, and more. 

Our Garden Bouquet is available as part of our Weekly Garden Flower offering and can be delivered within our 7-mile delivery zone radius on Tuesdays and Fridays or picked up curbside from our East Raleigh design studio on Fridays only. 

We have opted to omit a vase from the basic bouquet offering in order to keep the cost down and eliminate the waste of redundant vases for those who choose to order Friday Flowers regularly. However, you have the option to add a 6” glass cylinder vase via the dropdown menu, in case you are in need of a simple vessel or if you are gifting the flowers to someone who may not be home at the time of delivery. To help us ensure the flowers stay fresh, we recommend placing a bucket or vase of water in a shady spot near your front door on Friday morning to receive the bouquet (or bringing a transportable vase / cup along with you if you are picking up from our studio). 

Flower care is straightforward: start with a well sanitized vessel and keep the water refreshed throughout the life of your arrangement. When you receive your bouquet, give the stem ends a fresh cut on a 45 degree angle, and place them immediately into clean, cool water. If you can remember, give the stems a fresh snip every couple of days to extend their life; a clean snip helps them continue to drink water. Flowers out of water in the summer heat will wilt quickly, so please help us ensure the flowers stay in water and out of hot cars and direct sunlight.