Everlasting Earthy Shadow Box

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Inspired by German wunderkammer (cabinets of curiosities), these intricate, three-dimensional works of botanical art are designed to be mounted upright on a wall, or nestled into a tall bookcase. Imagine the curious conversations they could spark in your home. 

This textural piece embraces warm honey tones against sage green and creamy white, featuring banksia protea, rain tree pods, palms, lunaria, celosia, hydrangea, and nigella pods. Nestled into the scene you’ll find a resting Black Swallowtail butterfly--one we found several years ago, and saved carefully until we could find just the right way to honor its beauty. We like to think of this one as an imaginary habitat in miniature, perfect for the home of a naturalist at heart. 

Dimensions: 17in x 17in x4in. Comes with mounting hardware with instructions and a microfiber cloth.

Our shadow boxes are available for pickup in our studio on Fridays, or delivery Tuesday-Friday. If you are within our zone, you may book your delivery here on our website (plug in your zip code below, and our site will let you know if you’re within 7 miles of our studio). If you live in the Triangle area beyond our zone and are unable to arrange studio pickup, we are happy to make an appointment to deliver for an additional flat fee of $30. To arrange a shadow box delivery outside of our zone, please go ahead and order your shadow box for studio pickup, select an arbitrary pickup time, and email us at info@wylde.co to schedule your delivery; we will send you an electronic invoice for the delivery charge that can be paid online. We may also be able to schedule an alternative time for pickup, if you are beyond our zone and Friday’s do not work for you (this is subject to our availability). 

Shadow boxes are designed to last beautifully for years. The plexiglass cases can be easily cleaned with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Over time, tiny bits of the dried flora may drop. If this happens, it’s easy to unscrew the case and wipe out the inside of the cover. If anything degrades in quality over time, you are welcome to reach out to us for a re-touch. We expect years of enjoyment before anything starts to degrade, as all the materials have been dried and preserved.