A La Carte Flower Bucket

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For those who would like to DIY a portion of their wedding flowers, we've created this loose flower bucket option. Here you'll find a balanced mix of flowers and greenery, pulling from materials we've used in the rest of your A La Carte order, so that you can create arrangements that will complement what we make for you. You can expect around 50 stems per bucket, comprised of approximately 30 flower stems and 20 foliage stems. The exact makeup of the bucket will shift based on the costs and fullness of the materials we've selected for your day, but you can count on a nice full bucket with the proper building blocks for simple, lovely arrangements. We prioritize locally grown materials for our flower buckets, but you may also find non-local materials depending on the season and color palette. Pictured is a Sunny + Bright bucket in January.

No customization requests can be accommodated. Three weeks’ advance notice is required for your order, and your purchase is non-refundable.