What are your Pick-up hours?

Our studio is open for Pickups Tuesday through Friday from 11am-2pm. Our phone hours are the same. If you would like to get in touch with us after hours, please leave a message at 984-221-1028 and we'll get back to you during our operating hours. 

Do you do deliveries?

We sure do! Our delivery zone is a 7-mile radius from our East Raleigh Studio. Our delivery schedule is between 9am and 11am Tuesday through Friday. If no one is home to receive your delivery at that time, we will place your order in a visible shady location. We make only one delivery attempt so please make sure someone will be home or available to receive your order. Sorry, we cannot accommodate same-day requests and ask that you please give us 48 hours to create your order. We charge a flat $10 rate for all deliveries. You can also pick-up any order from our East Raleigh Studio between 11am and 2pm Tuesday- Friday.

How do I order an arrangement?

We organize our available arrangements by vessel. Since our supply of flowers changes daily, we are not able to guarantee the types of flowers that will be in your arrangement, however, if you have a preference for the color or overall tone of your design, please let us know in the design notes section once you choose your vase. We'll do our best to cater to your request. Our turn around time for custom arrangements is 48 hours. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee same day pick-up or delivery on your order.

How do I place a custom order for an event?

We're happy to work with you on custom orders for events or special occasions. Just give us a call at 984-221-1028 or send us an email and let us know about your event. In order for us to secure specific flowers and materials, we will need to receive your order 20 days prior to the scheduled date. Any orders that are placed within 20 days of your date will be fulfilled with florals that we have available locally.

How do I order flowers for my wedding?

We love designing for weddings! Before you reach out to us we request you fill out our wedding inquiry form so that we have an idea of your vision and budget before we speak. We'll get in touch with you shortly after we receive your request. Please note that certain times of the year are busier than others, but we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. If we're available on your wedding date, we'll arrange a consultation with you and your necessary party to discuss the details of your floral design. It helps if you bring any inspirational photos or color palettes with you so we can maximize our time together. After your consultation, we put together a proposal which we share with you. Because every wedding is unique and the price of flowers vary, we do not have set prices or packages for our floral designs. However, we do offer two services for all weddings—Full-service or Pick-up. Our Full-Service option starts at $4,000. We can accommodate smaller budgets by providing pick-up service from our shop only. 

Are your flowers real?

Believe it or not, this is our most popular question. YES, we only use real flowers. All the blooms and greens you see in our photos are 100% REAL. :) 

How do I care for my flowers?

Cut flowers last longest when they are kept in a cool shady spot, so pick a place in your home that is suitable to their needs. Pour more water in the vase if the water level gets low. If your vase is not clear you can test the water level by sticking your finger in the arrangement—the water line should be about an inch below the rim of the vessel. You can also mist your flowers with a spray bottle to keep them from drying out if your home or office is very dry. 

Why didn't my flowers last very long?

Thankfully, we don't get this question very often. Unfortunately, flowers are perishable items and certain varieties don't last as long as others. The longevity of the flowers can be affected by a variety of factors, including the temperature of a room, the amount of direct sunlight and the moisture (or lack there-of) in the air. Because we can't control these factors after our flowers leave our shop, we don't guarantee the shelf-life of our arrangements. We have found that most of our arrangements will last about a week, with certain stems out-lasting others.